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Source Industrial Supply - SIS has been supplying test and metrology equipment for many years to universities, private and government research centers, industrial plants such as petrochemical refineries, automobile manufacturing facilities, biochemical plants, metal refining and production facilities, casting and machine shops, plastic mold makers and molding facilities, rubber molded parts manufacturers, sheet metal fabricators, pulp and paper mills, builders and construction companies, sheet glass fabricators and many more. All of our testing and metrology instruments are under manufacturers' warranty for at least one year, and most of them for two years. Most of our test and quality inspection instruments can be calibrated by the user easily. In any case, we are always available for help and will repair your metrology and testing equipment or send you spare parts for replacement. Certified calibration gauges are available for testing & metrology equipment whenever applicable.

About Source Industrial Supply - SIS - Your test and Metrology Solutions Provider

With our HQ based in Albuquerque, NM, USA we ship and service globally. 

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Contact us for your test and metrology equipment needs.

Areas We Cover
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Areas We Cover
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Areas We Cover

We sell several types of industrial test and metrology equipment of top models such as Hartip-SADT, Wiggenhauser, Fluke, Mitech, Hewlet-Packard, Oxford Instruments, Olympus...etc.:


• Equipment for Inspection and Testing of Materials


• Equipment for Processing & Testing of Chemicals


• Equipment for Inspection and Testing of Electronic Products


• Equipment for Testing of Environmental Parameters


• Equipment for Testing of Optical Parameters


• Equipment for Measuring Magnetic Properties


• Metrology Equipment for Construction Industry


• Automotive Test and Inspection Equipment


• Telecommunications Test Equipment


• Equipment for Medical and Biological Metrology



Source Industrial Supply - SIS, a subsidiary of AGS-TECH, Inc. offers advanced test and metrology equipment for affordable prices. We offer the most useful, versatile, dependable and affordable equipment of established brand names. We sell equipment that meet recognized industry standards such as CE and UL. Our equipment offers unique advantages that will lower your manufacturing, test and quality control costs. Even though our equipment sales are for brand new products, from time to time we are able to offer you refurbished or used ones for discounted prices. Check our website frequently, because as distinguished industrial test and metrology equipment becomes available we post them on this site.

In addition to offering our customers the finest test and metrology equipment, we have been providing services. OUR BEST SERVICE OF ALL ! - TELL US YOUR NUMBER ONE HEADACHE IN MANUFACTURING AND LET US SOLVE IT ! - We Offer You The Best Artificial Intelligence Based Data Analytics Tool For The Manufacturing Industry. To find out more about our services go to our SERVICES PAGE by clicking this highlighted link.




































Contact Us

Contact us for your test and metrology equipment needs.

With our HQ based in Albuquerque, NM, USA we ship and service globally. 

Call Us Now: +1-505-550-6501

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You tell us your test and metrology needs, we will take care of the rest

High Quality Brand Name Equipment for Testing of Materials, Chemicals, Electronic Products, Automobiles and more.