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Source Industrial Supply - Hardness Testers, Thickness Gauges, Flaw Detectors, Metallurgical

Microscopes, Vibration Meters and more...

Do you want to find out whether your machine shop supplier shipped you parts made from the correct grade of steel with the hardness value specified on blueprints ? You have come to the right place. We have several economical and easy to use hardness testers suitable for you. 


Do you have demanding customers requiring the same look and finish on the products you manufacture. Are you concerned that the appearance and color of your products may change from lot to lot due to variations in the paint or dye ? You have come to the right place, because we do have inexpensive and easy to use surface roughness testers, gloss meters, color meters to help you evaluate the consistency in the appearance of your products.

Do you have concerns that there may be structural damages, cracks, voids or other issues in the invisible interiors of your extruded profiles. You have come to the right place, because we have accurate ultrasonic flaw detectors that will help you detect quality problems in the interiors of your products which you cannot see with your bare eyes.

Many more turnkey solutions to challenges in testing and metrology are waiting for you here at Source Industrial Supply.

Test and Metrology Equipment

Hardness Testers

Vibration Meters, Tachometers

Mechanical Test Instruments

Thickness,Flaw Gauges & Detectors

Fiber Optic Test Instruments


Thermal & IR Test Equipment

Coating Surface Test Instruments

Microscope, Fiberscope, Borescope


Chemical, Physical, Environmental Analyzers


Electronic Testers

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High Quality Brand Name Equipment for Testing of Materials, Chemicals, Electronic Products, Automobiles and more.

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